LanScape Centrex Proxy Server™ - User's Reference
LanScape Centrex Proxy Server®
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The LanScape Centrex Proxy Server®
General Description
Proxy Server Configuration
Performing Configuration
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Media Proxy Support
Event Logging
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Backing up and restoring configuration information
Backing up the proxy configuration
Restoring the proxy configuration
Running Multiple Instances
Running more than one proxy on the same machine
Running the proxy server as a service
Running the proxy server as a service
Proxy Plug-in API
Plug-in API General Description
Deployment Scenarios
Deploying in the global IP address space
Deploying in your private IP address space
Help File Version
Help File Version

What you will need to install and use your LanScape telephony software

A host computer (desktop, laptop, tablet PC, etc) running a 32 bit Microsoft operating system.

Minimum CPU recommended: Pentium II, 450Mhz.

15 megabytes of free disk space to install the software.

At least one network connection.

Optional: Installed database server software and appropriate ODBC drivers if you plan to use the extended registrar database capabilities of the proxy server. Note: no additional database server support is required if you use the integrated registrar database support.