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Global iNet® Account Configuration

LanScape's Global iNetŪ is a global directory assistance system that acts to give all LanScape VOIP users global directory capabilities. If you purchase individual Global iNetŪ user accounts from LanScape, you and your company will be able to register users of your VOIP domain within the Global iNetŪ system. Allowing your VOIP users to register with Global iNetŪ will allow them to have a global VOIP directory listing (with a complete user defined description) that anyone in the world can access. Individuals who use the Global iNetŪ service can search the directory system for companies, individuals or specific description keywords in order to locate other VOIP individuals to call. Using Global iNetŪ directory assistance will give you or your company the visibility you need in the growing VOIP communities.

The following configuration dialog is used to specify your Global iNetŪ account information:

The configuration page consists of a single list control. To modify Global iNetŪ entries in the list, use your mouse and right click anywhere in the list control. When you right click in the list control, you will see a pop up menu like the one shown in the dialog below:

The operations you can perform are:

Add - Adds a new entry.
- Edit an existing entry.
- delete an entry.
- Allows you to duplicate an entry.
- Saves the current changes to the Global iNetŪ database.

For example, to add a new Global iNetŪ entry, right click in the list control and select the "Add" menu selection from the pop up menu. When you do, the following dialog will be displayed:

You may have to check the "Enabled" check box to enable all of the editable fields in the dialog shown above.

When you purchase a Global iNetŪ account for each of your users, LanScape will send you appropriate account information that you can enter into the above configuration dialog. The "Phone Name" you receive from LanScape will be the user's Global iNetŪ phone number. This is a unique phone number that appears in the Global iNetŪ directory server databases. Note that your user can be assigned an internal extension number as you see fit. However, in order to associate the Global iNetŪ phone number to your user's internal local extension requires that you configure a call routing plan for your user's Global iNetŪ number.

Your user's VOIP phone should be configured with the local extension within your VOIP domain. Then you create a call routing plan for the user using your Global iNetŪ number as the "User Name" in your routing plan and the local extension as one of the routing destinations for the Global iNetŪ number. When you complete these steps, your user can be contacted directly using the user's Global iNetŪ phone number or your internally assigned extension number.

The dialog below shows what a completed Global iNetŪ account dialog would look like when it is completely filled out.

Currently, Global iNetŪ capabilities are supported by all LanScape VOIP telephony software. If your company is interested in giving your user's access to the Global iNetŪ system, we ask that you contact the LanScape support group with your inquiries. Please refer to the LanScape web site located at http://www.lanscapecorp.com for appropriate contact information.