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Call Processing Timeouts

This configuration dialog allows you to control specific timeout values that the Centrex Proxy Server® applies when processing call traffic (phone calls).



Call rollover timeout:

This setting controls the amount of time an incoming call is presented at each call destination you define in a call routing plan. For example: Lets assume you have a SIP user that is registered and their extension is 1234. If you define a call routing plan for this user that defines the following call destinations as "1234,voicemail", then when an incoming call is received for extension 1234, the Centrex Proxy Server® will route the call to extension 1234. The proxy will present the call to extension 1234 for the duration specified by this setting. If the user at extension 1234 does not answer the call within this amount of time, the Centrex Proxy Server® will stop ringing extension 1234 and forward the call to the next extension in the routing list which is "voicemail". Note that all call routing is sequential and call "forking" is not supported. For complete details regarding call routing, please see the Call routing configuration dialog.

Call start response timeout:

This value sets the amount of time an incoming call is presented to the call destination. If the call destination does not communicate with the Centrex Proxy Server® within this amount of time, the proxy will assume that the call destination is not available. If a call routing plan has been configured for the call destination, the next call destination will be attempted. If no routing plan is defined, then the Centrex Proxy Server® will inform the initiator of the call that the call can not be completed.

Final answer timeout:

This values specifies that amount of time that an incoming call will be presented to the last call destination. If the incoming call is for an extension that does not have a route plan defined, then the call will be presented to the original call destination for this amount of time (only if the call destination is registered with the proxy). If the call destination has a route plan defined, this is the amount of time the call will be presented to the final call destination in the route list.

For additional information on how these value are used, please refer to the Call Routing configuration dialog.