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SIP Proxy Configuration

The following dialog is used to configure how many LanScape Centrex Proxy Servers will be able to use your LanScape VOIP Media Proxy®. To add new SIP session proxies to the list, right click in the list box and select the "Add" pop-up menu selection. To delete a SIP session proxy from the list, right click on the entry you want to delete and select "Delete" from the pop-up menu.



Sip proxy monitor resolution:

Internally, the LanScape VOIP Media Proxy® monitors the on line status of all LanScape Centrex Proxy Servers that have been configured. This is the interval resolution the internal monitor will use to decide when to exchange status information with the configured Centrex Proxy Servers. The internal SIP proxy monitor will execute every "X" seconds and evaluate if status data should be exchanged with SIP session proxies. Generally you should specify values in the range of 1 to 60 seconds. Note: if you want your media proxies to detect when SIP proxies go down, you should set this parameter to a smaller value.

Sip proxy PING interval:

This setting is basically a "ping" interval. Each LanScape VOIP Media Proxy® sends a small UDP packet to each LanScape Centrex Proxy Server® at this specified interval. The status information that is exchanges consists of one UDP data packet for each configured SIP proxy server. A setting between 1 and 60 seconds is generally appropriate for this setting.

Sip proxy and Control Port list box:

Using this list control, you can configure all of the LanScape Centrex Proxy Servers that this LanScape VOIP Media Proxy® will support. Once you add the network information for a LanScape Centrex Proxy Server® in this list box, that proxy server will begin to use the media proxy whenever it detects that a call requires media proxying. To add a new SIP proxy to the database, right click in the list box and select the "Add" pop-up menu selection.. To delete a SIP proxy from the list, right click on the entry to be deleted and select the "Delete" pop-up menu selection.