The media engine has the ability to send "man readable" event messages to one or more event log servers. You can use the supplied event log server (EventLogD.exe) application to receive and view real time events that are sent to your application software. This capability is very useful for understanding the event mechanism of the media engine.

If you do not enable event logging using this parameter, you can still use event logging later in your application. For more information regarding event logging, see the SetEventLogServer(Boolean, String, Int32) API procedure. If you do not enable event logging before instantiating the media engine, you will not see certain startup event that are sent to application software.

Namespace:  LanScape
Assembly:  LMEVoipManaged (in LMEVoipManaged.dll) Version: 6.0.5226.26700


public bool EnableEventLogServers
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public EnableEventLogServers As Boolean
Visual C++
bool EnableEventLogServers
public boolean EnableEventLogServers

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