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Test Drive LanScape VOIP Solutions

How do I request and download trial application software?

Use the form below to request product trial license files. Simply fill out the form, select check boxes for the products you want, and press the "Get My Trial Files!" button. We will then send you an email with further information.

Make sure you submit the MAC address of the machine you will be using to install and test the software.

Trial License Request Information:
(We do not share this information with anyone)


Trial software will not install on your machine without your proper
MAC address. Submit your MAC address using a 'dash' format
such as: 11-22-33-44-55-66.

VOIP Media Engine (SIP+RTP) SDK
(This trial supports 64 lines, 12 instances)


Centrex SIP Proxy Server Enterprise
Centrex SIP Proxy Server Enterprise

VOIP Media Proxy Server Enterprise
VOIP Media Proxy Server Enterprise

Service Manager Suite
Service Manager Suite

Additional trial software Information

See the text below to get further information regarding the trial software that is available for download.

Centrex SIP Proxy Server™ v3.42

This product is a full featured voice and video SIP proxy that will allow you to setup VOIP domains in a snap! It is easy to use and has a full compliment of call processing capabilities you can employ.

The SIP proxy has the ability to perform complex SIP packet address and port protocol fix-ups which are typically performed by expensive 3rd party session border controllers.

To learn more, see the following Centrex Proxy Server™ product page.

Limitations of the trial:
One instance per machine.
Can be use with a single media proxy trial.
When the trial is expired, the SIP proxy will not function and all SIP responses will be sent to random IP addresses.

VOIP Media Proxy Server™ v2.72

This RTP media proxy is deployed in conjunction with the SIP proxy server above. The RTP proxy allows for complete voice and video media proxying for all call media (if required). One or more media proxies can be deployed along side your SIP proxy servers to completely load share all media sessions. Also, media deadlock problems are solved when you deploy this product.

When you properly deploy the LanScape SIP and RTP proxy servers together, you have an incredible VOIP solution. When the SIP proxy processes a call, it analyzes the NAT situation of the call endpoints and determines if the call will require media proxying in order for the call endpoints to correctly exchange voice data. RTP media proxying is only used if the VOIP call absolutely needs it.

To learn more, see the following VOIP Media Proxy Server™ product page.

Limitations of the trial:
One instance per machine.
Can be use with a single SIP proxy trial.

LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ Release 6

This is our SIP+RTP VOIP SDK. It is an awesome product that will ease your VOIP development efforts.

The software trial will allow you to quickly investigate all the capabilities that are offered to you. You will be able to install the SDK and begin playing immediately. All sample applications for .NET and C/C++ are included.

The current version supports many new capabilities, features and up to date SIP interoperability with other VOIP equipment. Your VOIP development effort will fly when you take advantage of the new features, enhancements and expanded codec support. Your applications will be able to communicate using uLaw, aLaw, G729/G729A, iLBC (20Ms and 30Ms frame sizes), Speex (wide and narrow), 8k PCM, 11k PCM and 22k PCM codecs. Rock on coders!

The trial SDK contains a 64 line – 12 instance product image. This means you can conduct up to 64 SIP/RTP phone calls simultaneously and can run up to 12 instances of the SDK on your host machine while you perform your evaluation and testing.

To learn more, see the following LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ product page. From there you can also view detailed product version history.

Limitations of the trial:
Note: This trial supports multiple instances of the SDK on a host. Purchased licenses are single instance. If you require multiple instantiations, contact us for a quote.

Service Manager™ Suite v2.0.5.3

The service manager suite is a software "package" that allows you to execute all LanScape VOIP server software and just about any other Windows GUI or console application as a native Windows service. Your software runs a child processes of the service manager service and is monitored as it executes.

Supported features: Multiple process management, process crash detection, process restarting on failures, process restarting based on a user defined scheduled time or interval, unhandled exception handling and local and remote service activity logging. A perfect solution for application software that needs to run as a service or to be part of a high availability system.

To learn more, see the following Service Manager™ Suite product page.

Limitations of the trial:

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