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64 Line Telephony Echo Server

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The LanScape 64 line Telephony Echo Server is the perfect solution for developers and System Integrators needing to verify the operation of network based telephony connectivity.

For Developers: Use the LanScape 64 line Telephony Echo Server as your complete call termination point. You and your entire development team can use the server to verify that your telephony applications are indeed performing their call operation successfully.

For System Integrators: Use the LanScape Telephony Echo Server as your call termination point while you install and verify network connectivity and operations. Simply install the echo server into your network environment and use it to temporarily verify network telephony connectivity from anywhere within your network.


Designed for the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems - Versions 2000/XP/2003/Vista

The perfect solution for terminating network phone calls while developing or performing system installations.

Up to 64 simultaneous phone calls supported.

Fully user configurable. User can specify 1 to 64 active phone lines. Any of the active phone lines can be placed into the "busy out" state. Server ports used for SIP and RTP are controlled by the user.

Full compatibility with the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™.

The LanScape Telephony echo server detects incoming phone calls, automatically answers them and echoes back to the call origin all received telephony voice data. Calls are terminated when the originator of the phone call hangs up.

Long term call monitoring: User can enable call logs on the Telephony Echo Server. Useful when performing "burn in" of newly developed telephony software and performing "long term" Quality Assurance testing of your applications.


At this time, this product must be purchased directly from LanScape Corporation. It is not yet available in the online store. All orders should be paid using a money order, bank draft, company check or personal check. All order payments must be in US currency and must drawn on a U.S. bank. We ship product orders as soon as accounts are settled and appropriate funds clear.

To Place an order for this product, please contact the LanScape sales department via internet phone. If you are unable to contact LanScape sales via internet phone, please send our sales staff an email with your contact information and we will get back to you as soon as possible.




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