Version History File For LanScape Service Manager Suite



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This file will briefly outline the product changes, enhancements and bug fixes that have been performed on the LanScape Service Manager™ Suite.

Version History:



New Features and Capabilities

Added F1 context sensitive help.

To get help while in the service manager console, users can now press the F1 key.

The system tray application now identifies service manager console application by ID.

The optional system tray application can now identify a service manager console EXE image using an internal digital ID. This removes the chance that a user specifies the wrong console EXE image during configuration.

Added product trial support.

The LanScape service manager is now available in a trial product version.

Windows 2003 now supported.

This current version of the LanScape service manager now supports Windows 2003.

Added remote service event logging

Service manager can now send service log information to a remote UDP log server.

Service manager can now periodically restart user applications at a user specified time interval.

The service manager can now restart user applications using a user specifies a time interval. This allows resource or memory leaky applications to be restarted so the server host machine can reclaim lost resources.

Improved unhandled exception detection and trapping.

The service manager now supports additional unhandled exception trapping. If a configured service application generates an unhandled exception, the exception will be caught by the service manager service. If the application that generated the exception is configured to be restarted, it will be restarted.

Overall general improvements in process starting and termination.

Improved how service processes are started, restarted and terminated.


Bug fixes


There were no bug fixes in this version.




V1.0.0.0 to


Initial version 1.x and 2.x product offerings. No longer supported.










December 2006,

LanScape Corporation