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Press Release

LanScape Corporation seeks qualified Value Added Resellers and Channel Partners to distribute the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™.

Minneapolis, Minnesota - (March 1, 2004) LanScape Corporation announced this week that it will be offering it's proprietary SIP/RTP based voice over IP telephony development solutions to the general software development marketplace.

In concert with the deployment of the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™, LanScape Corporation also seeks qualified value added resellers and channel partners to assist in the distribution and growth of our voice over IP product offerings.

The core of the voice over IP product offering is the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ which allows software development companies to integrate a feature rich set of voice over IP (VOIP) capabilities into new or existing software product designs. With the incorporation of LanScape's voice over IP technology, it is possible to achieve low memory footprint, very low latency and flexible network telephony solutions.

LanScape Corporation is currently in the process of restructuring it's US domestic sales regions. We are looking for additional qualified vars and channel partners to assist in the deployment of our voice over IP software technologies.

If you are currently a value added reseller, or a reseller that would be interested in pursuing our channel partner program, we invite you to contact LanScape Corporation for further details.

To obtain complete information on LanScape Corporation, the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™, or our reseller and channel partner programs, please contact LanScape Corporation at:

About LanScape Corporation:
LanScape's focus is to deliver high quality solutions oriented network voice products. Our product offerings primarily address the needs of Voice over IP communications in addition to other network based telecommunications infrastructures. We market our technology directly to corporate customers and indirectly to consumer market sectors.

Randal J Ziegler, CTO
LanScape Corporation
Phone: 952-943-8252
Note: LanScape Corporation web sites are iNet SpeedDial™ telephony enabled allowing you to place phone calls to us directly via the web.

LanScape Corporation seeks value added resellers and Channel Partners to distribute the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ for the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems.

"Remain ahead of your competition by offering your customers a proven network telephony Voice over IP development solution - The LanScape VOIP Media Engine™."

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