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Press Release

LanScape Corporation delivers its highly flexible, cost effective Voice over IP telephony engine to the general software development marketplace.

Minneapolis, Minnesota - (April 2, 2012) LanScape Corporation announced this week that it will be offering it's proprietary SIP/RTP based Voice over IP telephony engine development solution to the general software development marketplace.

The core of the voice over IP product offering is the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ which allows software development companies to integrate an incredibly feature rich set of voice over IP (VOIP) capabilities into new or existing software product designs. With the incorporation of LanScape's Voice over IP technology, it is possible to achieve cutting edge, very low voice latency flexible network telephony solutions.

Designing around LanScape's turn-key voice over IP solutions yields tremendous benefits: 1) Telephony software development organizations are able to compress their design and development cycles. 2) Deployment of VOIP solution to customers is achieved in a fraction of the time normally demanded by network based telephony application development. 3) Companies and/or developers not familiar with network based telephony now have a way to compete with other organizations that are experts in the field.

The LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ is designed for applications that execute on all versions of the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems. Typical applications of the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ include: Single or multi-line soft phones, Telephony Voice Servers, Telephony IVR Servers, Call center applications, VOIP network bridges, PSTN Gateways, Software based PBX systems, to mention a few. The LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ solution can be designed into back end telephony server environments, client side browser environments, or incorporated into stand alone client or server applications.

In addition to compressing the typical software development cycle required by network based telephony applications, products based on LanScape's VOIP Media Engine™ technology will immediately inherit known interoperability with other network telephony capable applications and devices.

The LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ integrates all of the most widely used features required by today's demanding voice applications. Organizations who deploy the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ technology have the ability to immediately perform the following telephony related tasks: Initiate calls, receive calls, place calls on hold, transfer calls, and perform multiparty conference calling. The full telephony capabilities and features of the telephony engine are enabled//disabled depending on what the customer purchases.

The LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ incorporates complete stateful handling of all network based phone calls. As the result, telephony application design time is greatly reduced and the overall design architecture of the application is vastly simplified.

Integral to the telephony engine are internal SIP and RTP protocol stacks. The SIP and RTP stacks are implementations proprietary to LanScape Corporation. Therefore once a customer purchases a license to distribute, there are no additional costs associated with deployment.

The telephony engine supports standard and nonstandard (improved voice quality) telephony rates and formats such as: 8kHz uLaw, 8kHz PCM, 11kHz PCM, and 22kHz PCM. Internally, all data paths are managed automatically by the telephony engine. Seamless format and rate conversion are handled internally. The telephony engine is able to mix calls of different rates and formats in real time all at the same time. This allows callers using lower bandwidth network connections to access all the same telephony resources higher bandwidth callers have available. In short, all format and rate handling is managed behind the scenes and is hidden from application software. Also, application software need not be concerned with all of the details associated with the underlying SIP and RTP transports.

Full access to media streaming telephony voice data is also supported. Regardless of the source of the telephony streaming data, application software has full access to the streaming media data samples. This allows telephony based applications to perform speech recognition of local telephony audio signals in addition to speech recognition of received telephony voice data. In short, application software has access to all media streams and can process these voice streams as appropriate for the application.

Also supplied with the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ is a family of application software reference designs. These reference designs can be used as a "jump off point" for those individuals not completely experienced with designing telephony application software.

Randal J. Ziegler, Chief Technical Officer at LanScape Corporation stated: "The feedback from our customers has already shown us that we are filling a long standing need of the telephony development community. The introduction of the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ to the marketplace acts to level the playing field. You no longer have to procure a large team of telephony specific developers to engage your product. One of the many goals we had in introducing the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ to the marketplace was to give developers a choice and to close the gap with the "big boys" of network telephony. Designing your applications to include LanScape's voice over IP capability allows you to focus on your specific solution without having to become a network telephony expert. It's that simple. It just plain works."

To obtain complete information on LanScape Corporation or the LanScape VOIP Media Engine™, please visit us on the web at:

About LanScape Corporation:
LanScape's focus is to deliver high quality solutions oriented network voice products. Our product offerings primarily address the needs of Voice over IP communications in addition to other network based telecommunications infrastructures. We market our technology directly to corporate customers and indirectly to consumer market sectors.

Randal J Ziegler, CTO
LanScape Corporation
Phone: 952-943-8252
Note: LanScape Corporation web sites are iNet SpeedDial™ telephony enabled allowing you to place phone calls to us directly via the web.

The LanScape VOIP Media Engine™ for the Microsoft Windows® family of operating systems.

"Leverage the power of the LanScape 's VOIP Media Engine™ and give your customers the power to communicate."

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