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Press Release

LanScape's Global iNet® business unit was sold Q3 of 2006. This press release remains here for reference and archival purposes.

LanScape Corporation offers it's Global iNet® (Voice over IP) Telephony Network service to internet subscribers worldwide.

Minneapolis, Minnesota - (August 1, 2004) LanScape Corporation announced this week the long awaited unveiling of their Global iNet® (Voice over IP) Telephony Network service to DSL, Broadband and high speed internet subscribers.

The Global iNet® Telephony Network is a full featured network based telephone system. It allows individuals to make network voice phone calls to/from anywhere in the world using DSL, broadband or higher bandwidth internet connections. LanScape Corporation is making this capability available to residential and corporate customers worldwide.

The Global iNet® Telephony Network allows internet subscribers to perform the following "feature-rich" telephony functions: Initiate and receive network phone calls throughout the world. Place calls on hold. While calls are on hold, your callers listen to "music on hold". Transfer any call you have to any other Global iNet® phone number anywhere in the world. As an added benefit, users can also perform full duplex multiparty conference calling. "Missed call" tracking is also supported and is not affected by a user logging off or leaving the Global iNet® Telephony Network for extended periods of time. Missed call tracking records the time, date and complete enhanced caller ID information of the missed phone call.

Customers purchase Global iNet® user accounts directly from LanScape Corporation for a flat monthly fee billed at 12 month intervals. Users can initiate or receive as many calls as they like without restrictions. There are no time limits imposed and no per minute charges of any kind. A user's Global iNet® phone number is the same as their home, office or cell phone number. Alternatively, internet subscribers may also work directly with their internet service provider if the ISP is already deploying LanScape's Global iNet® capability. Please contact your ISP for further details regarding your regional Global iNet® capability.

Users access the capabilities of the Global iNet® Telephony Network using LanScape's Global iNet® soft phone application. This soft phone application will run on any host computer that is capable of using any of the Microsoft Windows® 32 bit operating systems: Windows® 95/98/98SE/Millennium Edition and Windows® NT/2000/XP/2003.

The standard version of the Global iNet® soft phone supports two network phone lines (dual lines), call control buttons for each line, independent phone line volume control, integral DTMF key pad, large readable phone line displays, caller speed dial buttons, voicemail speed dial buttons and missed call indicator. The Global iNet® soft phone is designed to work well with desktop, laptop, notebook and tablet PCs and excels brilliantly in Wi-Fi and 802.11 wireless ethernet environments.

To help maximize the user's telephony experience, the Global iNet® soft phone gives users the ability to connect any analog phone to their host computer while allowing them to completely perform all call control functions directly from the keypad of the analog phone. If a wireless analog phone is used, users now have the ability to take advantage of their network telephony capabilities and have the freedom to walk around their home or office environment. Users do not have to be in front of their host machine any longer to take advantage of network voice telephony. If the analog phone also supports answering machine capabilities, then users will never miss another network phone call again.

To interface any standard analog phone requires that the user purchase the optional USB analog phone interface adapter from LanScape. When used, callers will experience toll quality, echo free communications when using their analog phone. The analog phone interface is Windows® 98/98SE/Me/2000/XP/2003 compatible.

For corporate customers, LanScape has also made ready their Centrex Proxy Server® and Voicemail server software to add even greater PBX type functionality to the deployment. When the added functionality of the LanScape Centrex Proxy Server® is used, corporate customers can also define their own local IP based phone system (with voice mail and call routing) that will allow individuals in distributed private network environments the ability to communicate. This capability is in addition to the power of the Global iNet® Telephony Network.

Randal J. Ziegler, Chief Technical Officer at LanScape Corporation stated: "LanScape has just passed a milestone in its development as a Voice over IP technology company. Every person throughout our organization that has been involved with the inception, planning, development and deployment of the Global iNet® Telephony Network is extremely pleased to be offering this capability to customers on a worldwide basis."

"We have completed the initial pilot programs pertaining to consumer, residential and corporate customers and are very pleased with the results that have been achieved. We were able to obtain the appropriate feedback from our customers to develop a service that exceeded our initial goals and objectives. We are very excited to be offering this to the world community."

To obtain complete information on LanScape Corporation or the LanScape Global iNet® Telephony Network, please contact LanScape Corporation at:

About LanScape Corporation:
LanScape's focus is to deliver high quality solutions oriented network voice products. Our product offerings primarily address the needs of Voice over IP communications in addition to other network based telecommunications infrastructures. We market our technology directly to corporate customers and indirectly to consumer market sectors.

Randal J Ziegler, CTO
LanScape Corporation
Phone: 952-943-8252
Note: LanScape Corporation web sites are iNet SpeedDial™ telephony enabled allowing you to place phone calls to us directly via the web.

LanScape Corporation offers it's Global iNet® Telephony Network service to residential, consumer and corporate internet users worldwide.

Lanscape's Global iNet® Telephony Network gives DSL, Broadband and high speed internet subscribers the ability to place network phone calls to any other call destination in the world.

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