This member allows you to specify the number of phone lines the telephony engine will create and manage. Your specific image of the telephony engine has been designed to support the maximum number of phone lines and options you purchased. If for some reason you only want to instantiate a subset of the total number of supported lines, this member gives you the ability to do so. Allowing the telephony engine to create only the required number of phone lines save system resources and host memory.
You will not be able to create more phone lines than what your license supports.

Namespace:  LanScape
Assembly:  LMEVoipManaged (in LMEVoipManaged.dll) Version: 6.0.5226.26700


public int NumPhoneLinesRequested
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public NumPhoneLinesRequested As Integer
Visual C++
int NumPhoneLinesRequested
public int NumPhoneLinesRequested

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