The VoipMediaEngine..::.IVR_RECOGNITION_DATA type exposes the following members.


The number of bytes contained in the internal sample buffer.
Because PCM data samples are two bytes in length (signed 16 bit short integers), the actual number of samples in the internal audio buffer is (BufferLengthInBytes/2).
Represents the format and rate of the sampled data the phone line is using. This rate and format represents the type of data being transmitted and received between call endpoints. Can be any one of the enumerated values as specified by VoipMediaEngine..::.MEDIA_FORMAT_AUDIO.
The zero based phone line the data was received on.
The audio rate and format the application requested when the receiver IVR channel was opened. Internally the telephony engine will perform proper format and rate conversion of the received phone line sampled data and present it to the application using this requested format.
The received sample data buffer.
When set to true, the data contained in the SampleBuffer member is byte sample data (8 bits per element). If false, then SampleBuffer contains short (16 bits per element) sample data.
This member variable holds the user specified instance data that was specified when the user callback was registered with the telephony engine.

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