The zero based ID of the multimedia audio output device the telephony engine will use for audio playback operations. The device ID specified here is the same device ID as reported by the Windows multimedia APIs.

You can use the following telephony API procedures to interrogate your system in order to see what multimedia hardware is installed:

GetDigitalAudioOutputDevice(Int32, VoipMediaEngine..::.LS_WAVEOUTCAPS)

If you specify the value of SIP_USE_PREFERED_AUDIO_DEVICE for these parameters, the telephony engine will use the preferred audio output device as specified by your system's multimedia settings.

If you specify the value of SIP_AUDIO_DEVICE_NOT_USED for this parameter, the telephony engine will disable its internal audio device support and will not manage audio output devices on the system.

Namespace:  LanScape
Assembly:  LMEVoipManaged (in LMEVoipManaged.dll) Version: 6.0.5226.26700


public int ZeroBasedAudioOutDeviceId
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public ZeroBasedAudioOutDeviceId As Integer
Visual C++
int ZeroBasedAudioOutDeviceId
public int ZeroBasedAudioOutDeviceId

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