Specifies the max signal buffering that occurs internally in the media engine. Each mixer line buffer represents 20Ms of audio sample data. The internal default value for this parameter is 64. If you do not want to change the default value when the media engine is initialized, then specify a value of zero.

This parameter affects the max buffering depth for all internally handled audio sample blocks during digital mixing operations. Reducing this value will save memory but at the cost of possible interrupted or "choppy" audio. This value also has the effect of capping the maximum received voice delay that a phone line will experience.

Namespace:  LanScape
Assembly:  LMEVoipManaged (in LMEVoipManaged.dll) Version: 6.0.5226.26700


public int MaxMixerLinebuffers
Visual Basic (Declaration)
Public MaxMixerLinebuffers As Integer
Visual C++
int MaxMixerLinebuffers
public int MaxMixerLinebuffers

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