The VoipMediaEngine..::.FormatRateConverter type exposes the following members.


The CreateFormatRateConverter API procedure is used to create a format and rate converter block that you can use in your application. When you use the VOIP Media Engine's internal format and rate conversion functions, you will be able to convert between all of the supported 20Ms audio data types with ease. All of the internal format and rate conversion operations are independent of the underlying operating system and are optimized so that they are well suited for real-time sample block processing.

Before your application terminates, you must call the DestroyFormatRateConverter API procedure to destroy the rate converter and to regain its resources.

The DestroyFormatRateConverter API procedure is used to destroy a previously created instance of a format and rate converter block. Destroying a format rate converter block allows the system to regain all resources associated with the format rate converter. You must eventually call this API procedure to destroy each format rate converter block you have created.
The Object's finalizer.
(Overrides Object..::.Finalize()()().)
The FormatRateConvert API procedure is used to convert the source audio data block type to the destination audio data block type. All format and rate conversions are handled by this API procedure. No other API procedure calls are required to transform audio data from one form to another.
The FormatRateGetSampleBlockSize API procedure can be used to obtain the number of sample bytes required for any of the supported 20Ms audio data types. You can use this procedure to query these sample block size values instead of hard coding them into your application software.

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