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Company Information - About Us

LanScape's focus is to deliver high quality solutions oriented network voice products and general software consulting services.

Our software product offerings primarily address the needs of Voice over IP communications in addition to other network based telecommunications infrastructures. We offer our technology directly to corporate customers and indirectly to consumer market sectors.

Our development staff and associated personnel are completely involved with the definition, design, development and testing of our solutions. The enthusiasm and quality of our personnel are what allows us to offer such spectacular products to the marketplace.

LanScape offers voice solutions and software development services to a number of different customer bases as follows:


Our corporate software product offerings are tailored as "turn key" solutions. Corporate customers purchase LanScape voice technology in an effort to integrate the LanScape solution into their existing or newly developed products thereby reducing development cost and resources. Software development services are also offered to LanScape business customers.


LanScape has supported broadband and DSL network market segments by offering consumers choices of private labeled soft phones and other network telephony based aplications via other manufacturers. LanScape Voice over IP technology has been private labeled by broadband and other internet service providers. The resultant voice over IP solution is then supplied to the consumer thus allowing them to achieve network telephony capabilities using today's broadband and DSL network infrastructures.

Commitment to Excellence

We take great pride in our work and in our partners and customers who assist us in moving our vision forward. Without the collective efforts and ingenuity of talented individuals, everything ceases to function. Here are the key principles that bind us to our partners and our customers:

Improvement: Commit to learning.
Ethical and honest: Always maintain high ethical standards.
Follow-Up: Respond quickly and decisively.
Vision: Keep a sharp focus. Simple Wins.
Teamwork: Every great result is due to many individuals.
Expectations: Strive to do better every day.
Persistence: Never give up. Ignore those who say "it can't be done".
Attitude: Every setback is an opportunity for growth.

















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